Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Movie dates are Lame

So Facebook guy's name is Nick. He picked me up in this old truck that was tall and super hard to jump into - and I actually did have to jump. He was easily 30 lbs (like 2 stones) heavier than his pictures, go figure. But I was like whatever, free dinner and a movie.
So we went to a Thai place that was completely empty. He had this crazy orange hair that was standing straight up, without the aid of gel or mouse. He just talked about himself the whole time, and he isn't that interesting. We had nothing in common. I hate greasy fast foods, and he loves them. I love traveling, he doesn't like it. And so on. But I suffered through it, he was nice and I just smiled and ate my soup.
And then we went to the movies. He said he doesn't like going to the movies but he has seen everything that is out. So we saw "Up in the Air" which was interesting. It wasn't that great, but I liked how it wasn't the typical Hollywood story line.

The whole time I kept flashing back to this date I had years ago. When I was dumped by Wyatt I was really bummed and in my second semester of college. So I did what every stupid person does; I went to an on-line dating site. I got this guy who responded and everything seemed to match up so I went out with him. We met at a local coffee shop and then went to a movie. He was from the coast guard, tall with red short hair (I have bad luck with gingers apparently). But we saw some stupid Navy movie and the whole time he was just trying to grope me and kiss me. When we got out of the theater he pinned me against the wall and tried to kiss me but I slipped under his arm. Just then my phone rang and I answered it, going "oh, you need me to come over right now? Ok, I'll be there in five!" and my friends who were calling were like "uh, we were just calling to see what you were doing but ...ok." and I couldn't leave faster. I told him on-line I didn't want to see him again and he was like "oh, I thought we had something" and acted all hurt. Like wtf. This is why coasties have such a bad reputation.

But Nick was at least nice enough not to make any moves. I was carefully not to even accidentally touch his arm or anything. And then I was like "oh, work in the morning blah blah" and went home. I had to be careful about going on-line because I didn't want him to see I was on-line. Oh well for me saying yes to random dates.

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