Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Job Hunting

Usually I don't like to talk about my work on here. But here is the down lo - I have been looking for a job for MONTHS. It's horrible! I have a college Degree, experience, references and am cpr and first aid certified. And what does that get me? The only places hiring won't call me back, I've been told it's because I am OVER QUALIFIED. I don't care if I am over qualified to work as a waitress, I need the money gosh darn it!

And you might say, if you've been looking so long, maybe it's you? It's not me. I blame the economy. But I know it's not me because I have 3 jobs. with no hours. But I still have gotten hired 3 times, and as the lady from unemployment told me, I am not unemployed. This is why our unemployment rating seems lower than it is - they take you off if you are employed even if you have no hours, they take you off if you've been looking longer than six months, and they take you off if you're a student.

But anywho, I got hired today to my third (but not final!) job. I got hired as a free lance writer for a yellow pages type website. I'm going to toodle around on my bike, take pictures of businesses and fill in the information to put in the directories. Sounds pretty cool. But they expect me to do 30 a week, and that seems like a lot. I have school and job hunting, plus I'd like to hang out with my boyfriend...

who, by the way, is super stressed out. I am stressing about school, not having money and not having a job with hours. He is stressing about school mostly - but he is going to the UC and has three jobs with hours. I came in happy to see him, and he was doing homework. So I waited till he was done, and he got naked (good sign) but then he laid down in bed facing the wall (bad sign). I kept asking what's wrong and he finally told me he was having trouble keeping up with the reading and he couldn't finish all his school work. Plus he failed his first Hebrew Quiz. But everything I said made it worse, and he got upset and turned back over. I tried apologizing and talking to him but he closed his eyes and firmly pretended to be asleep. I waited a bit, and then i realized he probably was asleep. or ignoring me. So I turned out the lights and cried as quietly as I could.

I know, I'm emotional, I cry all the time now and it's super annoying.

This morning he left without a word of hello or goodbye. I know he isn't trying to be mean but we are both stressed, why does he have to be a jerk about it?

And I don't know how to help him. He always helps me but I don't know what to do for him and he says there is nothing for me to do to help him. Agh! Frustrating.

I need some work, and I need my boyfriend to be happy again.