Sunday, December 20, 2009

Be and Me

I was going out of my head.

So to review from my last post: I walked over to the Mexican restaurant, which I knew would be closed. So I went to the quicky mart, and got a forty of old E (read: big bottle of cheap beer) and thought, well they might need me to buy more if I want to put it on my card. So I got a pack of American Spirit Cigarettes, even though I don't really smoke.

Then I walked back, slipping in through the back gate. The dog started going all nutts and my family was asleep and I didn't want them to see what I bought and I was having trouble locking the door, our door lock is weird. So I left it unlocked and went into my room. Oh dear. This whole booze and cigs alone is not a great idea.

So I called my younger cousin Be. She said she might hang out, she would call me later. Then I texted her saying I was going crazy and having a really tough time. She texted back that she would come get me.

Cue two hours later, she pulls up just past midnight. I climb in her car. Smells like Pot. Some skinny guy is sitting in the front seat. This car looks way nice for a girl who is working at Taco Bell. She is wearing the hat I knitted her a few years ago. She tries to ask me whats wrong in the car but I don't want to talk. I can't even express what is wrong. I just want to be obliterated with alcohol. We take the back roads to Petaluma and we stop at a quicky mart that is nick named the fast and sleazy. She isn't 21 yet so I get her a flask of rum and I get a flask of whiskey. We go to the skinny guy's house.

When we get there he has friends there. We can't go inside so we sit in his garage playing pool and he gets out a big jar of pot and starts messing with the buds. Be and I share the 40 and the rum; I save the whiskey. We smoke the pot and the cigarettes. There is another white average sized guy and a big white guy there. I don't remember what we talk about. I am really bad at pool. Be is pretty good. I am very happy and warm and drunk. But as soon as I get high I can't talk and I feel all my muscles contracting and relaxing, like these balls of heat under my skin. I know the garage is really cold. My toes are burning they are so cold.

The two guys go and Be is wasted now. When I stopped she drank more beers. I think she finished the Rum. She barfs. Twice. She starts to pass out as I and the white skinny guy try to figure out how his couch pulls out into a bed. It is small and I get her in it with me and we lay down, keeping each other warm.

I wake up early and want to get out of there. There is nothing to do. I fall back asleep. I wake up again. He makes us some potatoes and we smoke a joint before leaving. I'm really hungry after the joint. I don't want to talk to my family and either does Be. She parks far away from my house. I go in my bedroom and go on-line. Everything feels pleasant. I like how warm the bed is. It is odd, I kind of felt high almost all day.

It isn't that interesting of a night. Except this is how I react when I get this antsy feeling. I get anxious and drink and usually try to sleep with someone. I talked to Scott and told him I was high. Good for you he said over aim, and then he didn't say anything else. Ho hum. I have a feeling something isn't right.

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