Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Facebook Saves the Day

So the day after the mountain party I woke up and went on my computer. I went on Facebook. Scott had already added me, which is kinda amazing because it was only like 11am and I had left at 4am and I didn't give him my last name. But yay. Ball in my court but still - should I comment on his page, text him, do nothing? I went for nothing.

Later that night I was on the computer again and Andon (the dancing guy) messaged me through Facebook. It always surprises me because I forget about Facebook chat. But we talk and have all this stuff in common. Turns out we were both at the Outlands music festival in August, and we like a lot of the same music. He just seemed more and more rad the more I talked to him. And he writes songs too and plays guitar and suggested we jam sometime. Then he said something odd, "I really like you." and then like 10 minutes later he said something like "You are really cool". And of course my mind can't deal with men so I'm like uh, does he like me or like like me? He's cool but didn't seem like the type of guy who would go for me. Very music hipster, but not snobby, just vintage-ish dress. But anyways I was talking to him and I noticed Scott was on-line so I started talking to him too. He seems really cool. We talked about this and that but he seemed distracted so I figured he wasn't interested in talking to me and was replying out of politeness. So I stopped messaging to see if he would message me and he didn't so I dropped it which was kind of disapointing. So I got off the computer and that was that.

Then yesterday I was hoping that one of those guys would talk to me again because maybe something would happen with one of them. So I left my computer on the Facebook page and went about my business - I was trying to record some songs on the piano using my computer. Then Scott messaged me. We talked and we ended up talking from like 9ish to 4am. Around 3am he suggested we 'hang out' the next day, but when I asked what he wanted to do and stuff it started sounding like a date - going out for dinner after work, he would pick me up. Of course I was super excited. I wanted to go to bed at like 10 but kept talking all night because I liked him.

So then this morning I woke up at like 7:30am because I was so excited about seeing him later. My mom suggested I go get a new outfit or something. So I went to Goodwill and Target but it was hard to find anything that was warm, cute and work appropriate. I ended up getting a long sleeve blue shirt and a purple tank top - just basics I needed anyways. My mom forgot to tell me we were leaving an hour early (she gives me rides to work) so I didn't even have time to shower (or shave) - but I did clean my room incase we came back to it.

Scott said that Facebook saved the day because he didn't have my number and I never called him - if it wasn't for Facebook we wouldn't be going on a date. It's also funny because I was randomly invited to the party where we met through Facebook. Huh.

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