Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Another Date with Scott

Last night Scott picked me up from work and we went to a cafe downtown and had some tea and a rummy re-match. Luck was not on my side; he beat me by over 100 points. He almost kept the napkin we wrote scores on. But it was nice because we got to talk and we were in public and I wasn't feeling like I-might-die-nervous. It's funny because he has seen me naked and everything but I still get nervous around him.
Anyways, we decided to do a music exchange so we went by his apartment to pick up his external hard drive thing. His house was messy and the walls were covered in Disney posters - his roommate's doing. I didn't meet her though. I met his cat which is cute, looks ruffed up a bit. His living room is messy with a couch and a bed-like thing that is covered in junk, next to some shelves of alcohol. His room is kind of bare except for maps of cool hikes he did and a dagger he got form Russia. We looked at his bookshelf for a while, which had all these philosophy books I've never heard of; that was his major in college. Then he told me a funny bible story about Samson or Simpson...something like that. But anyways we left.
It was kind of surprising because when we got to my house we actually talked for a long while and it wasn't that talking where he is talking and I just want to have sex and am nodding. I actually talked and wanted to talk. Then we check out the music and exchanged it. I got some cool new stuff from him - it surprised me some of the stuff that he had. He had The Shins, Cake, Third Eye Blind, Saving Ferris, Cat Stevens and some pop stars. I made some spaghetti, but I felt bad because it was just in tomato sauce with no nothing. He kept asking me if I was hungry because he had picked me up from work so obviously I hadn't had dinner yet, but truthfully I wasn't hungry. Ever since I started seeing him I have been hardly eating. I'm not trying to starve myself but it is like I am just not hungry.

Then we sat on my bed and he stretched out and looked very handsome laying on his side with his hand behind his head and I just sat cross legged talking to him and trying to decide if it would be okay to kiss him. We were talking about man-ly sports and then we paused and I realized he was just waiting for me to kiss him so I leaned in quick and kissed him softly, pulling him towards me. He is kinda intoxicating. I love the smell of him and i love that I love the smell of him because it is so honest; like you can't fake or be fooled into liking someone's smell.
He rolled on top of me and we kissed and I had my arms around him. I like feeling his arms and his shoulders, they just feel so strong and broad against me. We sat up and I took off my top shirt. Underneath I had a pink tank top with hearts on it, which is tight on my chest. We kissed with me on his lap facing him, his legs off the side of my bed. I kept running my hands across his chest and back and then he took his grey shirt off and pressed against me. I stood up to take of my pants, partly so he could see I picked panties that matched my shirt. But the shirt didn't last long. He was reaching around and grabbing my tush and off came the bra too. Then he did a ultra sexy thing where he stood up, holding me to him and laid me down so he was on top of me. Off with his pants. Off with my panties.
I could just sit here and ramble about how sexy he is, but I don't want to bore you. His hair is short but long enough for me to run my hands through and he has a little bit of hair on his chest and then below his navel. Last time I called the shots so it was his turn to direct things. He brought me on top of him, sitting up like we were when we were kissing. Normally I would have my shins resting on the bed but he had me wrap my legs around him. In some ways it was harder to do because I couldn't really use my legs but it also stimulated a completely different spot. It felt so intimate and romantic with him holding me and we could kiss and it was lovely. Then he picked me up and rolled over so I was on my back and he was on top of me, with my legs still wrapped around him. I grabbed him and pulled him against me.
The sex was great not because he hit that spot or did this move, but it just felt so intimate and like we were feeling the same thing. Though what he did felt good too. He finished in that position and I reached up and hugged him tight, which I felt silly for doing afterwards but it was just my natural reaction. He laid next to me and we both just looked at each other, smiling and breathing.
It was cold so we got under the blankets after a while. Then I got the giggles. Like I seriously could not stop laughing. I can't even remember what started it. I tried to take a big breath and breathe out but it just made me laugh more. and I was kind of embaressed. When I stopped laughing I said something like "well, I don't want to sound dirty" and he was like "we just had sex, it's ok if you sound dirty." But it is hard to explain that I can have sex with him but still not feel comfortable with him yet - for example, I sometimes like to talk dirty during sex but I am just too shy to do it with Scott yet. Who knows what he would think of me? I'm also kind of feeling like that is going to make the whole O thing much harder for me. I just can't do it with someone watching me unless I feel super comfortable with them.
We were both sleepy, him more than me. He realized he had an early shift int he morning so he kind of drifted to sleep while I ran my hands up and down his chest, his abs, his arms. He laid behind me and held me to him as we went to sleep. In the morning I woke up first and tried to sneak out of bed to go to the bathroom but when I came back he was awake. He had to make a dash for my bathroom because my house is like this: I have a studio type room with a kitchenette in it, and the laundry room connects my room to the bigger house that my family lives in. The laundry room has the bathroom in it. So my mom and the kids were up and running around screaming. He slipped out naked but came back in a towel to be safe.
We were laying in bed and he was being sleepy again but I was awake and running my hands over him, my hands that never rest. My mom knocked on the door.
"SKY! You awake? I never you to babysit in 20 minutes! OK?!"
"OK!" I yelled back.
Scott laughed a little with me. "So she has no idea I sleep over, does she?"
"No, not at all. The other day I told her your apartment is really cold and she said you can come sleep on our couch."
He laughed, "well, to be honest I don't think I'm going to take her up on that offer."
My mom also said something the other day to my sister, she said something like "Sky doesn't think I know that she is up ALL NIGHT talking to her new boyfriend."
I just find this ridiculously funny.

It's odd. I won't see Scott until Wednesday night, which seems like forever. But since he comes at night and stays over I technically don't go a day without seeing him. But we don't really talk in between so I miss him. Oh how silly I feel sometimes. The whole dating-like/love thing is so risky - you never know how the other person really feels about you, what will make them like you more or less, which is ok to tell them or to do with them and what will put them off of you. How far is too far, how close is too close? The more I like him the more worried I am that I'll get my heart broken. But he seems so nice, I can't imagine him breaking my heart. Ho hum.

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