Friday, November 5, 2010

Broken Girls, Strong Women

So it started like this for me:
When I was younger I got curious, and I poked around my lady parts a bit, but nothing felt good so I left it be. It was my first serious boyfriend that gave me my first orgasm (even though I didn't recognize it at the time) and it was he who taught me how to masturbate. During my relationship with him and all the men that followed one issue came up: I wasn't cumming during sex. When I was single and in college, I realized I couldn't let this problem of mine ruin any more relationships.

I got a vibrator and dildos and started exploring. I figured I could "practice" with the dildos, learning what I liked along the way, and then I would be able to navigate better with a real guy. Even though I highly recommend learning about yourself that way, it didn't help at first. The vibrations or outside stimulation always got me off. The only way these toys helped me sex-wise was when I used the little vibrators during sex.

When Andon started masturbating more than normal, I asked why. I asked because I was horny and I felt he was avoiding sex, preferring to masturbate. Then he told me he would never be happy until he made me orgasm during sex. I did with a vibe before, but that was weeks ago. And we've tried many times since then.

First I cried, and then I did some research. I found out only 3 out of 10 women orgasm during sex. I decided to see if I was one of those 3. I tried with a dildo and for the first time did not touch any other part of me - and nothing. Sometimes it would feel really good, but I could not orgasm. I tried until I was sore, nothing worked. I realized that I was like most other women.

For so long I thought there was something wrong with me. Or that I wasn't doing it right, not trying hard enough, not skilled enough. I am one of the many women who don't orgasm during sex. But even more than that, I think it is just hard for me to cum during sex. For me, even a helping hand (or a helping vibrator) won't do the trick - I feel so concentrated on trying to cum that I can't feel anything. It's frustrating and disappointing.

But I feel like this is a moment of injustice. I shouldn't feel this way - this is the way my body is meant to feel during sex, I am not broken. Science has shown that women only feel so much of their vaginas; imagine if the vagina were too sensitive, sex may feel good but birthing would not. Usually most of the nerve endings that are inside the vagina rest within the first 4 inches, and many are on the front side of the vagina and a spot called the G spot.

But most people haven't even seen a well made diagram of lady parts, so most people don't know there is more. Because when it comes to females, it is about what you don't see. The Clitoris (or clit) is the lady part that most women get their sexual pleasure from, but most of it is under the surface. The clit would have actually have become a penis if the female had instead have become a male. When a man (or vibe, or hand, or whatever...) is poking around in a lady's vagina, it can also be putting pressure on the clit (yay!) and the bladder (boo).

So really the best way to make a lady cum? Stimulate the part that is meant for pleasure- the clit! Oral is amazing, and I cum within 3 minutes with just a vibe. I can orgasm, jus not like a man.

I am trying to accept this. I still hold out hope that something will change. Andon has been touching my boobs more and making sure I'm more turned on, which is nice. But I also try and get into spots during sex where he'll press against my clit in some way - and I hope one day that will lead to something. Surprise orgasm during sex? Please?!?!

We're also getting into toys and kinks, but more on that later.
Sex is an exploration.

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