Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Leaving London

I am sitting in the Hostel's lounge for the last time; I just checked out and I have to catch my train in an hour. I'm just waiting for my laundry to be done - this girl from my room (Avril) and I are doing our laundry together to save money.
So last night I couldn't sand it any longer. When I get a bit of sex it is like a flip switches and suddenly I am on. I posted a note in Spanish for the Argentine that said if he wanted to talk again I would be in the back lounge after dinner. But I don't think he was interested. Maybe it was because his friends saw it and thought it was funny, or maybe some other reason. At first I was really bummed out and I felt unwanted. But he came onto me the other day - he wanted me obviously. Why let a failed invitation turn the memory sour? I'm actually ok with it now I think. There are more guys in Europe, and from what I can tell many of them find me attractive.
Anyways, I became friends with the girl Avril. We had dinner together and sat at the tables in the garden - the whole time the Argentines kept staring at us and every once in a while they would poke and whisper something to the guy I slept with and they laughed as he turned red, and he just starred at me. After dinner Avril and I sat in the lounge for half an hour (she knew of my encounter with the Argentina man). I didn't want to stay there hoping for him to show up. I turned to her and said "Didn't you say you wanted to go to the pubs?"
So we went to The Blackbird, where I had seen soccer/football boys before. We immediately got hit on by drunk men and I oogled the cute bartender. Then we went for a walk and found a bar that is open for the longest hours - Infinity, the gay bar. We got two pints of cider. They had this TV playing music videos and this drunk man kept coming over to April.
"I'm homosexual, but you look fantastic! If I was straight honey.You made my day! Want a pint? I'll buy you drinks - that is how you repay a lovely lady for her beauty she shares with the world!"
We giggled as he talked. Avril is tall and dark with long legs and curly hair to her chin. She has a wide smile and bright almond eyes. We had so much fun. He kept apologizing to me, he thought she was my girlfriend and that I might be offended that he was eyeing her. It's too bad we didn't go on the weekend - I bet that place is a blast.
We left and got followed by some random drunk guy who wanted us to come home with him. We told him what bar we just came from and he stopped in his tracks.
"...the gay bar?"
and we laughed. He gave us each a cig but we were all too buzzed to use the matches, they just kept going out even as we all huddled together trying to use them as a team. When Avril and I got back we sat on the steps for an hour. Some Japanese guy lit my cigarette for me. We saw the Argentines come home but they didn't say anything. We went to bed around two in the morning. But when I went to look for my vibrator I realized someone had stolen it. Someone had stolen my vibrator!
When I checked out I couldn't think of how to breech the subject but I wanted to mention it, I had just bought it and it was a very nice vibrator. Waterproof too. When the women checked me out she asked how my stay was.
"Nice, I like London. Nice people, lots of trees for a city. But you know, something was stolen from my room - I think it was last night. It is small and white, about this big, round with flat top that had three little bumps on it."
"Well I don't know if anyone found anything, what exactly is it?" her head tilted to the side questioningly.
I leaned in, "It's my vibrator."

As I left I realized someone also stole my ATM card out of my pants pocket while I was sleeping (I slept with them on).
Jesus titty fuckin Christ.

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